Letters to the Editor


  • Sending a message to the opposition: LTEs can show unsupportive lawmakers that their constituents care passionately about an issue and will hold them accountable if they fail to represent them.
  • Raising awareness: An LTE is a great way to raise the profile of an issue in your local community.
  • Persuading those who are on the fence: LTE can show how an issue affects local people in a way that those on the fence, including lawmakers, may sympathize with.
  • Energizing supporters and thanking supportive elected officials: Published letters fire up local supporters and show lawmakers that their constituents have their back when they lead on important issues.

Our local newspapers will publish one letter a month from you. Letters (via email) need to be 150 words or less. Explain in your letter why you support a public bank just as you would tell a friend. Let us know at our Contact Us page when your letter gets published.

Email your LTE to the New Mexican at letters@sfnewmexican.com and to the Journal at jjadrnak@abqjournal.com. If you don’t see your letter printed within a week, call Inez Russell at the New Mexican, (505) 983-3303, and/or Jackie Jadrnak at the Journal, (505) 988-8881, and ask when it will be printed. A little nudge goes a long way.

Send the same letter out to everyone on your email list so that your friends and family will pay special attention to your support of a public bank. If you are on Facebook, post your letter on your page.


Dear Editor,

I urge all Santa Feans to support the creation of a public bank. The reason for a city-owned bank is simple, we have lost control of our finances. Our municipalities are burdened with legacy debt and aging infrastructure and the only way to fix the infrastructure is to bond through Wall Street. We can’t take any more taxes, but indebting us to Wall Street has cost us dearly and the costs will only increase as the national credit crunch continues to squeeze us in our neighborhoods.

We have a model: North Dakota has had a public bank since 1919, which has one branch, no automated teller machines and not a single investment banker. And it is more profitable than Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., having a better credit rating than J.P. Morgan Chase. It hasn’t seen drop in profit growth since 2003.

Visit www.bankingonnewmexico.org for more information about public banking and the initiative to establish a public bank for the City of Santa Fe.


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Public Banking — Funding Local, Sustainable Economies